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Nonsurgical Pain Management Options

Nonsurgical pain management is not just possible; it’s happening every day. With the opioid crisis raging on, many people are eager to find alternative pain relief. Others want to avoid surgery or at least put it off. If this describes you, Regenerative cellular treatments are worth exploring.

Regenerative medicine is a discipline that uses cell therapy to help restore injured or degraded tissue. The cells, derived from a number of human sources, boost your body’s ability to repair itself.

Stem cells are probably the most familiar form of nonsurgical pain management. These cells can be harvested from your own body or, more commonly, sterile donor tissue. They are chimeras; that is, they have the ability to transform into nearly any type of cell in the body.

When injected into the source of pain, such as a degenerated disc or inflamed joint, stem cells act like army reinforcements deployed to the front line. When injected into a diseased disc that’s causing back pain, stem cells become, essentially, disc cells. If a muscle is torn, they transform into muscle cells.

Regenerative Cellular Treatment For Pain Management North Charleston, SC

Regenerative Cellular Treatment For Pain Management

The secret to this type of nonsurgical pain management lies in mesenchymal stem cells. These are found in a gelatinous substance called Wharton’s jelly. It is derived from cells found in donated, sterilized umbilical cords. The cords, normally discarded after birth, offer a wealth of hope for people living with chronic pain.

It is important to remember that the umbilical cords are willingly donated from healthy, carefully screened donors, and cause no harm to the mother or baby.

You may wonder why donor cells are preferred to a patient’s own stem cells. The answer is aging. Like collagen in the skin, stem cells don’t renew nearly as quickly as they do when people are very young.

If you do prefer to use your body’s own cells in the pursuit of nonsurgical pain management, talk to your physician about platelet rich plasma. PRP uses a patient’s own cells to jumpstart the healing process in a different way from stem cells: it uses platelets, the sticky "repair" cells found in blood and isolates them in a centrifuge. The concentrate is then injected them into the painful area.

The growth factors in plasma go to work right away to repair damage in soft tissue, bone and more.

Regenerative cellular treatments for pain management are a natural and effective way to help you regain a full life free of debilitating pain. You and your physician will decide together whether stem cells, PRP or other regenerative cellular treatment for pain management is the way to go.

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