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Joint Pain

Has joint pain been interfering with your ability to enjoy life? We offer pain relief treatment methods for the best possible healing outcomes. Our approach addresses the cause of your pain in order to not only resolve it but also heal your joints for long-lasting pain relief.

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Joint Pain Relief

Living with sore joints can make it difficult to perform even the simplest of tasks. Joint pain is often caused when your body is unable to effectively repair and renew damaged bone, cartilage, and other tissue. Whether your pain is a result of an injury, aging, or conditions such as arthritis, we are able to provide treatment solutions that allow your body to recover.

Our drug-free treatments provide joint pain relief quickly. We don’t believe in hiding pain with medication; we focus on enhancing the healing process. With the right combination of treatments, we can target damaged tissue in order to assist your body in repairing and healing itself. We treat joint pain with regenerative medicine (regenerative cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections). A thorough assessment will allow us to determine which combination of treatments will get the best results.
This article from that appeared on The National Institute of Health website illustrates the superiority of this treatment over alternative stem cell treatments:

Joint Pain Treatment

Joint Pain Treatment

We offer state-of-the-art, all-natural joint healing through the following treatments:

  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP): PRP therapy helps speed up your body’s healing response. Platelets are one of the first responders to injury, but the process can be accelerated by injecting PRP right into your shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, or knee. We take a blood sample and then concentrate your platelets into your plasma for the injection. This treatment naturally amplifies healing, triggering cellular regrowth and repair. Similar to cell therapy, PRP treatment requires no downtime, providing results soon after.
  • Chiropractic care: We use chiropractic care to restore joint function. Joint pain or injury is often accompanied by a loss of mobility in the joint or in general. We can manipulate your spine to provide relief from backaches, sore knees, shoulder and hip discomfort, and more. When your body is properly aligned, other related injuries are also given the opportunity to heal.
  • Causes of Joint Pain

    The causes of joint pain are diverse, and we will perform a thorough analysis of your joint and history to pinpoint the issues. The most common joint problems can include:

    • Inflammation of the joint lining
    • Damage to cartilage
    • Types of arthritis such as rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, or psoriatic
    • A fracture, tear, or other injuries to the joint
    • Connective tissue diseases such as lupus
    • Gout

    If you are suffering from joint pain, it is always best to address the issues right away. We can assess your symptoms and provide a carefully created treatment plan to heal damage and alleviate pain for life-changing results.

    To learn more about how we can relieve your joint pain call us today at (843) 936-6238 to schedule a complimentary consultation.