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What is Proloherapy

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a series of natural injections that are intended to enhance the body's healing. The purpose of these injections is to cause inflammation. This may seem counter intuitive, however causing mild inflammation tricks the body into treating a chronic injury more like an acute injury. The body heals acute injuries well and chronic injuries poorly.

Prolotherapy is great at causing contracture of tissues, or making tissues shrink in size. This is ideal in cases where laxity or too much movement is a problem. Cases of ligament sprains or chronic neck or back pain are great examples of where ligament laxity are the root cause of the issue.

The ingredients of prolotherapy can differ based on where the procedure is delivered. In this office, we use a combination of several natural substances that cause the inflammatory or irritation response in the body. These can cause soreness for a few hours after the injections and results usually take several weeks but the majority of patients get great results from this therapy.

Additional articles regarding prolotherapy and its benefits:

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