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Sciatica can make sitting or the motion of standing up difficult, which can make your days very painful. If you have been suffering from sciatica issues without seeking relief, our medical professionals can provide all-natural healing and pain relief treatments that will get your body back in motion.

We use a combination of regenerative medicine and chiropractic techniques to get you back on your feet again. Our integrative approach to pain management provides you with the treatment plan you need to heal and be able to sit and stand without pain once again.

Sciatica Pain Treatment

Sciatica Pain Treatment

Our sciatica pain strategy is different than many traditional treatment plans. We take a whole-body approach, not to mask pain but instead to resolve it. We use treatments that are designed to heal your body, so you’re better able to fight pain naturally.

Our regenerative treatment includes platelet-rich plasma treatments. This targets your pain points using injections that trigger your body’s natural ability to heal. The healing cells in PRP equip your body with extra healing agents to repair damaged nerve tissue or other tissues pressing on your sciatic nerve. Our treatments accelerate healing and more quickly provide pain relief.

Depending on your condition, we may recommend a combination of methods, such as chiropractic care in hand with your regenerative treatment. Chiropractic care is a hands-on treatment that helps manipulate areas causing restricted movement while repositioning misaligned vertebrae. This will restore proper, healthy function and eliminate pain.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

To provide effective sciatic nerve pain relief, we will first find what is causing your sciatica. Common causes of sciatica can include pressure on the nerve from a herniated disc, narrowing spinal nerve channels, or spasming muscles. We will then recommend the best treatment to address your issues.

Pain relief can be provided with a combination of treatments. For example, if there is something out of alignment with your spine, chiropractic adjustments will be required to restore correct spinal positioning. As well, chiropractic adjustment will reduce nerve irritability, helping to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms that are causing pain.

However, if you are suffering from inflammation or nerve damage, regenerative medicine treatments will also be advised so that your body has the heightened immune and healing properties it needs to recover. These treatments are integrative and work well together to ensure that your pain is alleviated and natural healing can begin.

Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica refers to pain affecting your sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back down the back of your legs. Sciatica usually just affects one side of your body, and the pain can come in different degrees and can be chronic or occur occasionally or frequently. The pain can differ from person to person, but in general, it extends from the lower back and right down the back of your leg. It can sometimes even go all the way down to your feet and toes.

Symptoms include:

  • Lower back pain
  • Buttocks pain
  • Leg pain
  • Pain is worse when sitting
  • Pain becomes shooting when you stand up
  • Hip pain
  • Burning or tingling down your leg
  • Problems moving your leg or foot
  • Numbness and tingling in your leg
  • Constant pain on one side of your buttocks

Whether your sciatica has become chronic, or it comes and goes, you should seek treatment even if the pain is currently bearable. It tends to worsen when left untreated, so it is always best to contact us at the first signs of irritation. We have been helping patients with sciatic nerve pain for years, and we have the treatments to help you too.

If you are looking for non-surgical treatment for sciatica call us today at (843) 936-6238 to schedule a complimentary consultation.