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About Us

Our combined team of specialists are here to provide our community with integrative health solutions for all patients at every stage of life. Our providers work together to optimize your recovery and make wellbeing an accessible part of your everyday lifestyle.

At Elite Healthcare Physical Medicine, we know about getting your body back to feeling and working its best. Our mission is simple: to correct the root of pain by taking a comprehensive, full body approach (skeletal, muscular, nervous system) and correcting the problem without the use of medications or unnecessary surgeries. By discovering what’s best for each person’s individual body and needs, we can help create a healthier future for those in our community through our holistic physical medicine practices.

Led by Dr. Todd Brown, our experienced team is dedicated to providing superior treatment with the care and comfort our patients deserve, while educating and empowering them to take the necessary steps to help alleviate pain and improve their overall wellbeing.

From back pain to neck pain- and every ache, stressor or discomfort in between- we help get our patients back on their feet through the best practices in the physical medicine field in less time, every time.

Located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina our team is excited and waiting to help turn your pain into a thing of the past. Contact us today for a FREE consultation or to speak with an experienced medical professional at Elite HCPM. Your goal is to feel BETTER, our goal is to help you feel your BEST– isn’t it time to get back to being the healthiest and happiest you possible? Together, we’ll achieve exactly that- and more!