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Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee pain can become a serious issue at any age or stage of our lives. Whether your knee pain is the result of a car accident, sports related injury, or degeneration over time, it can greatly affect your everyday life and routine activities. If your pain is persistent or increasing, it is important to get a thorough analysis of the injury and may require multiple approaches to restore and recover. You may find that some knee pain may be minor due to every day tasks and may easily be remedied through physical therapy, recommended exercises or chiropractic care. However, When you find yourself dealing with chronic or worsening pain, it may seem like your only options are long term use of pain relieving drugs or knee replacement surgery. The reality is, there are other natural options to not only relieving pain and inflammation, but actually healing it without medications or surgeries through the use of regenerative medicines.

Regenerative Medicine for Knees

Regenerative Medicine for Knees If a tear of the muscles or tendons has occurred it can affect your mobility. By using regenerative treatments with growth factors in stem cells, recovery can be more effective. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a treatment often used to heal knee injuries. Platelets are the smallest type of blood cell and are triggered to react in your body when injury occurs. They are immediately drawn to an injured area and begin working to heal and restore damaged muscle and tissue. PRP treatments utilize this unique ability by drawing a sample of your own blood and separating the platelets, once they are isolated, they are reinfected into the injured area to speed up the recovery process.

As we age, so do our cells, making them less efficient in healing injury. When this is the case, an alternative regenerative treatment may be a more viable option. This treatment would be cellular therapy using mesenchymal cells. These cells are derived from the Umbilical cord of newborn babies in cesarean sections. There is no harm or side effects to mother or child during this procedure. Because mesenchymal cells are young cells, they have more effective growth factors and when used to treat knee injuries, they have an incredible ability to heal and end the pain.

When regenerative medicine is used as an alternative to knee replacement surgery, there is no down time, no extensive recovery found with surgeries and no pain masking medications. You are simply using the body’s own ability to naturally heal. Once the injury has recovered and the pain has dissipated, you should have a clearer understanding of how to prevent future problems and possibly avoid any further injury or pain.

If you are or have been suffering from knee pain, and medications and surgery are not your desired course of action, fear not, regenerative medicine offers a faster, longer lasting, and natural alternative to heal your body and prevent further pain. You can live pain free again.