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Spinal Decompression Therapy in Charleston, SC

Could you imagine going through life every day with near-debilitating, chronic back pain? Back pain is one of the most common ailments in America – it’s estimated that 8% of all adults, or 16 million people, suffer from chronic back pain in the U.S. every year. If you’ve never experienced a back injury or pain, be thankful. Chronic back pain affects every aspect of a person’s life, from participating in sports to limitations with everyday activities, like cooking dinner. In fact, many people with chronic back pain can’t even make a reliable living and put food on the table. Almost 83 million workdays are lost every year due to choric back pain.


The inability to work and provide isn’t just a physical issue – it can become an emotional one too. Many people suffering from chronic back pain also suffer from depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, in the past, chronic back pain sufferers wanting to avoid addictive medications and invasive surgeries had few viable relief options. However, if you’re suffering from a chronic back issue like sciatica, a pinched nerve, or a bulging disc, pain relief may be closer than you think.

Modern chiropractic care and, more specifically, a spinal decompression chiropractor in Charleston, SC, may be the long-term solution you need for chronic back pain.

A common misconception is that chiropractors only adjust your back and neck when, in fact, they treat the whole body with all-natural treatments. Here at Elite Healthcare, our doctors focus on your overall health, not just pain. We want to find and address the underlying causes of your symptoms. If you’re unfamiliar with an integrative approach to medicine, this strategy may seem new. Our chiropractic care is less about putting a band-aid on the problem and more about finding a natural, long-term solution to your pain.

Fortunately, our experienced chiropractors provide the best in natural pain relief. Prescription and over-the-counter pain medications mask the symptoms you’re experiencing versus getting to the cause of your pain. Pain is often the result of your spine being out of alignment, which leads to nerve issues. Once your spine is back in alignment, the nerves function correctly again.

Because our chiropractic center offers a combination of different therapies and non-surgical treatments, we provide a comprehensive approach to healing. Depending on the extent of your back problems, spinal decompression therapy may be the answer to your chronic pain problems.

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Non-Invasive Treatment for Back Pain

Invasive procedures, like back surgeries, often leave the patient racked with pain, long recovery times, and complications. Sometimes, the surgery doesn’t work as intended, leaving the patient responsible for a therapy that didn’t work correctly. As a non-invasive treatment, spinal decompression therapy can treat back and neck pain without needles, incisions, or harmful manipulations of the spine.

Back Pain

Long-Term, Significant Pain Relief

Getting back pain relief from surgery is far from guaranteed. However, because spinal decompression targets the underlying causes of your back pain, it’s a much more effective long-term treatment. Spinal decompression is not a quick fix. When coupled with positive lifestyle changes like losing weight, you can maximize the pain-relieving benefits of spinal decompression.

Significant Pain

Little-to-No Recovery Time

Surgery of the back and spine requires the patient to be bedridden and uncomfortable for days and even weeks. Recovering from back surgery is no easy feat and often requires strong pain medications to help. Sometimes, back surgeries don’t go as planned, causing complications and worse scenarios. Spinal decompression, on the other hand, is very effective and doesn’t require much recovery time at all. Once your spinal decompression session is over, you’ll probably be able to drive yourself home from our office.

Recovery Time

No Addictive Medications

One of the least talked about issues with back pain medications is that they only treat the pain, not the underlying causes. For many patients, relying on meds to relieve back pain fosters dependency on pain pills. Pain pill addiction is a very serious issue in the U.S., often leading patients down a dark path. With spinal decompression, you won’t have to worry about taking pills for pain relief. That’s because the root causes of your back pain are addressed, not just the symptoms.

No Addictive Medications

Cost-Conscious Treatment

If you were to look at the cost of surgery and subsequent years of prescription medication, you might be shocked. When compared to spinal decompression, surgery is a much more expensive treatment to consider. You’ve got to take the cost of surgery into account, but also the fact that you’ll be forced to take time off work. By choosing spinal decompression therapy, you’re choosing a safe, non-surgical treatment that doesn’t require any time off work.

Cost-Conscious Treatment

Natural Healing

Spinal decompression relieves pressure on disrupted discs, causing them to retract back into place. This revolutionary treatment also lets oxygen, fluids, and nutrients re-enter your spinal discs, which provides additional healing.

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Natural Healing

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The Smart Choice for Chiropractor Spinal Decompression in Charleston, SC

At Elite Healthcare Physical Medicine, we practice an integrated approach to pain relief and chiropractic care. Our goal is to restore your spine to its proper alignment, which speeds up your recovery time and prevents additional injuries. If chronic back pain has taken over your life, it’s time to visit our chiropractic office for a thorough evaluation.

Ask yourself this: Have you been suffering from headaches and sleepless nights due to muscle strain? Is your ability to work and put food on the table compromised due to a pinched nerve? No amount of over-the-counter pain medication can provide a long-term fix for such an issue. Thankfully, our chiropractors have years of experience providing relief to patients just like yourself.

After a comprehensive exam, our doctor will create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your body. That way, we can address the full scope of your symptoms by correcting any root causes of your back pain.

From minor chiropractic adjustments to spinal decompression treatment, we’ll find the solution that your back and body need to heal correctly. If you’re ready to get back on the road to better health, we’re here to help every step of the way. Contact our Elite Healthcare Physical Medicine today to get started.

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