Platelet-rich plasma Therapy also known as PRP Therapy is used as a regenerative treatment to help speed up the body’s own healing process. PRP is used for joint, tendon and muscle injuries and can help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and return these problem areas back to health.

After an initial evaluation, our team of healthcare professionals creates personalized and custom treatment plans utilizing a combination of medical pain relief and natural non-surgical therapies to lower pain and inflammation in the body. Then with perfect partnership may recommend using chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation, and massage therapy, to help you speed up your recovery period further by getting you out of pain faster and move you into active spinal rehabilitation.

How does Platelet-Rich Plasma work?

When our body suffers an injury, it releases a signal that activates our body’s own natural healing and protective processes. Our body releases platelet rich cells which travel to the injured area and start the repairing process. This is the clear fluid we see when we suffer a cut or a scrape on our skin. This concentrated plasma is rich in growth factors which are vital for healing and helpful in reducing inflammation.

To mirror this natural process in an office setting, the patient’s own blood is drawn and the plasma is separated to isolate layers of red cells from the platelets and white blood cells. This platelet concentrated plasma is then injected back into the patient joint, tendon, or muscle needing the healing.

The healing process now begins in the area injected like it normally would but amplified many times over due to the concentration of plasma that was injected. These platelet cells get to work by reducing inflammation and their growth factors enhance cellular growth and activate the healing of bone and soft tissue.

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