Physical Medicine

At Elite Healthcare Physical Medicine we understand that every patient is different and that pain should be addressed at the root cause of the problem- not masked with medications. With our comprehensive holistic approach to physical medicine, each patient is thoroughly examined and provided with a personalized treatment plan specific to each individual’s needs to minimize pain and improve biomechanics. Our natural pain relief practices, combined with our non- surgical therapies, address all aspects of physical pain that can be in the spine, nerves, muscles and joints.

Elite Healthcare is passionate about providing our community with the highest quality of care and cutting-edge medicine to completely eliminate your current pain through our non-surgical, physical health rehabilitation and regenerative programs to prolong your health for years to come.

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Treatments and Interventions Offered:


Knee Pain and Arthritis Treatments


GELSYN-3 consists of 3 lubrication injections for the purpose of relieving knee pain in patients with osteoarthritis. Each injection contains a highly purified solution of hyaluronic acid – a substance naturally found in human joint tissue – that acts as a lubricant and shock absorber in the fluid surrounding specific joints in your knee for added protection and pain relief.

Supartz Knee Therapy

Similar to GELSYN-3, Supartz Knee Therapy also injects the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, helping to replace the need for invasive knee surgery, while improving movement, increasing flexibility, and easing pain.

Both procedures are fast, pain-less and done in the office within a few minutes. Additionally, there is no down time following the treatment (which is covered by most insurance policies.)

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Muscle and Joint Therapy


Trigger Point Therapy


(TPI Therapy) is a specific type of local injection that is used to treat local areas of muscle pain and spasm. Trigger Point Injections can help break the cycle of pain in your back and neck and help restore normal muscle and function.



Joint Injections


Joint injections offer temporary pain relief by applying a local anesthetic to the joint, ligament or joint capsule. This therapy helps relieve pain, decrease inflammation and improve range of motion.

Medical Weight Loss


Elite Healthcare Physical Medicine is proud to offer a sustainable and proven approach to weight loss. Medically supervised and safe, this Accelerated Weight Loss Program combines all the tools you need to effectively reach your desired weight goals within a short period of time- while learning the keys to staying healthy long-term.

This program includes:

  • Medically Approved Fat Burning Medications
  • Nutrition and Fitness coaching
  • Medical Support
  • Safe Energy and Appetite Suppressant Supplements
  • Boost of Metabolism

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