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Hair Restoration

If you suffer from hair loss, you are not alone. Both men and women can experience hair loss in varying degrees. Whether you are suffering from complete hair loss or seeing a thinning of your hair, we have new treatments available that can restore hair growth naturally. Our medical professionals use proven regenerative medicine techniques, allowing us to provide you with non-surgical hair restoration solutions that work.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

There are many hair restoration treatments out there, including medication, surgery, and therapy. Our hair loss treatments are designed to not only restore hair but also provide the natural stimulation required to promote continuous growth. Our doctors use the restorative healing factors of regenerative medicine to provide an effective way to promote healthy hair growth by stimulating hair your follicles.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses highly concentrated levels of platelets to harness your body’s built-in healing powers. We draw a small amount of your blood and separate the platelets using a centrifuge machine. This creates a highly concentrated, clear plasma that is injected into your scalp. The plasma targets damaged hair follicles to restore function and trigger more hair-growing follicles on your scalp.

PRP therapy for hair restoration is the preferred treatment over hair transplants as it is far less invasive and requires no downtime. Surgery involves the removal of patches of your scalp populated with healthy hair follicles that are then implanted into the bald areas of your scalp. That can be not only painful but also time-consuming as it usually takes more than one surgery to get the best results. As well, if your hair loss is hereditary, you will continue to experience hair loss as your hair follicles will not be sound enough to provide continuous growth.

Medications are the least invasive treatment, but they are costly and must be used continuously to be effective. They also take at least six months to see results and can have unpleasant side effects, including scalp irritation, rapid heartbeat, and hair growth on your face and hands.

With PRP therapy, you will experience minimum discomfort with gradual hair growth, leading to a full head of natural, healthy hair.

What Causes Hair Loss

What Causes Hair Loss?

It is normal to shed about 100 hairs a day. That is not a noticeable amount and helps keep your scalp and hair healthy. However, if you lose hair but do not continue to produce new hairs, that is called hair loss. Hair follicles can permanently stop production for many reasons, including:

  • A family history of male-pattern or female-pattern baldness
  • Hormonal changes
  • A wide variety of medical conditions
  • A wide variety of medications and supplements
  • Extreme stress
  • Overuse of hair treatments and products
  • Tight and frequent use of many hairstyles, such as pigtails or cornrows
  • Excessive amounts of testosterone
  • Menopause
  • Alopecia

Signs you are suffering from hair loss may include:

  • A gradual thinning of hair on top of your head
  • Circular or patchy bald spots
  • Itchiness before hair falls out
  • More hair coming out when you are caring for your hair

If you are in need of hair restoration call us today at (843) 990-3468 to schedule a complimentary consultation. Our PRP therapy will put an end to hair loss and help stimulate new growth gradually.