Starting at the base of your lower back and running down your hips, through the buttocks into your legs is what is called the sciatic nerve. The inflammation- typically resulting from compression of a nerve along the way- is what is considered sciatica, leaving patients with shooting pain and tenderness in various parts of the hips, buttocks or legs. Chiropractic care, physical rehab, spinal decompression and massage therapy are all effective treatments to help alleviate the radiating pain throughout your lower body. Patellofemoral Pain– Pain in Front of the Knee Pain caused by the softening of the cartilage under and around the kneecap is the leading cause of patellofemoral pain- or more simply: pain in the front of the knee. Repetitious activities or those requiring lengthy periods of stagnation can additionally trigger pain and swelling around the knee, the largest joint in the human body.

Plantar Fasciitis

Though the name references the ligament that connects the heel to your toes, plantar fasciitis is the concentrated pain directly in the heel of the foot caused by a strain on the ligament supporting your arch. Some of the most effective treatments to treat this condition are Myofascial Release and Shockwave Therapy.

Common factors include:

  • Tight lower leg muscles
  • Excess weight
  • Overly high arches or too flat of feet
  • The angle of your feet while walking and standing

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